Management of your subscribers

With REMP CRM, you can manage your subscribers and subscription packages.

REMP CRM - Marketing automation

Marketing automation: Use drag and drop scenario builder tool to define different scenarios for different segment of users. What should happen after user creates new registration, subscribes for the first time or downloads the app? You decide.

REMP CRM - Segment builder

Segment builder: Create new user segments in seconds, get real time feedback on segment sizes and immediately use the segments in Campaign and Mailer to target your marketing campaigns.

Churn and retention insights

Churn and retention insights - CRM allows you to visualize cohorts of users and understand retention of different segments of users

REMP crm

Manage your paying customers and collect all the information about them in one place. Pull data from different sources via APIs. Set different roles and permissions for data access your helpdesk employees, management, editorial staff.

REMP crm

REMP crm

Dashboard with quick overview of the most important subscription data.

REMP crm

Stats and historical overviews of sales and subscription numbers.

REMP crm

Churn prediction: how many subscription will end soon, who is going to churn and how to target them?

REMP crm

Easily create and launch new subscription packages.

Translation status

Open for translations by community, through Weblate.